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Leisler's bat - Tom Marshall

Get to know your local bats

Many of our reserves, parks, towns and cities have populations of these fascinating mammals that you can watch at dusk, with just a little patience - and summer is the best time to do it. If you have a bat detector, you can tune in to their echolocation, too, but they are still a fascinating mammal to observe without any specialist kit at all.

On a dry, warm evening, find a hedgerow, a park with plenty of trees or a local river or stream - even one in a city centre - and watch the darkening skies or surface of the water for their tell-tale silhouettes.

If you'd prefer an expert guide, we run many events across the three counties. From bat punts and wildlife paddles, to guided walks or bat detector loans, we want to help you get to know your local night-time creatures, so come and join us!

All events will be run in line with Government guidelines and will be Covid-safe. Places must be booked in advance.


Celebrate International Bat Night

Child with bat detector by Emma Bradshaw from WildNet

Child with bat detector by Emma Bradshaw

We run public walks with our expert guides in August and September to celebrate International Bat Night (28 August) and give you a chance to listen in to and watch these fascinating mammals. Using a bat detector to hear the calls of bats as they flit overhead on a dusk-lit evening is really an experience not to be missed! 

Bat punts

Our annual River Cam bat punts with Scudamore's provide one of the most exciting and unique evening experiences of summer on the River Cam in Cambridge! You will set off just before dusk with a bat detector in-hand and a Wildlife Trust guide to point out the bats and all the other wildlife you might see.

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River Cam bat punt by Martin Bond

Wildlife paddles

Enjoy a guided walk with an expert around our Nene Wetlands nature reserve to look for bats, and take in the wildlife from a self-guided dusk paddle on the Nene with our partners Canoe2. Based at the Rushden Lakes shopping centre, this is a great way to experience the magic of the local wildlife on our doorsteps.

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Anabat and heterodyne bat detectors

Field kit: A Magenta heterodyne detector (here set to hear bats calling around 50kHz) & Anabat SD2 recording detector (Photo from S. Miller)

Borrow a bat detector

Visit our Nene Wetlands visitor centre and loan a bat detector for your own self-guided walk around this reserve, which is brilliant for bats.

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