The way we look after local wildlife is changing. We’re thinking big.

The Trust has managed nature reserves, right across the three counties, for many years.
Now we’re connecting these reserves together.

Find out more about our work to create Living Landscapes across Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire in our video below. Corporate video production by J motion. 



We’re working with other land owners and managers, to create ‘joined up’ landscapes that are more valuable for wildlife.

Living Landscapes create space for mammals to move about and between, places for wild flower seeds to settle and grow, birds to hunt and butterflies to find nectar.

Living Landscapes are good for people too. A healthy environment aids food production and gives us clean air and water. It gives us places to explore and enjoy.

Creating Living Landscapes takes a lot of time, resource, co-operation and goodwill to achieve.

So, this is where the Trust will focus most of its energy for years to come, because we believe it will pay the biggest dividends for the wildlife we all care about.

Bigger, better, more joined up - find out more about our Growing Living Landscapes

See a map showing all of our Living Landscape schemes.


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