West Cambridgeshire Hundreds

Blue wood at GamlingayPhoto by the Wildlife Trust

This is the place to go to get to get your fill of bluebells in springtime, but there is enchantment all year round, with the call of woodland songbirds, drumming woodpeckers plus meadow flowers in sunny clearings. The Living Landscape project aims to give unique woodland wildlife opportunity to spread and thrive; see and hear this first hand by interacting with the image below – take a brilliant spin...


360 view

West Cambridgeshire Hundreds comprises a cluster of ancient woodlands on the heavy boulder clay soils of Cambridgeshire – perfect bluebell territory.

The Living Landscape project aims to give the unique wildlife of the woodlands opportunity to spread and thrive through better management. This will include reinstating traditional coppicing and widening woodland paths so that sun can reach the woodland floor and allow more flowers to grow, providing nectar for butterflies all summer long.

Beyond the existing ancient woodland Wildlife Trust reserves, we are working with landowners to coordinate action across property boundaries, which will better help wildlife than by each land owner working independently.

The project has mapped all the existing woodlands, and the treebelts and hedges that connect them and act as corridors for wildlife. The project partners are working together to add new connections where there are gaps, and work to make the existing ones better habitat through better hedgerow management and adding grassy and flower-rich field margins alongside them. 

This is a joint project between the Wildlife Trust, local landowners, The Woodland Trust, the National Trust, the Forestry Commission, Natural England, Woodfuel East and the Farming and Wildlife Advisory Group. The support and enthusiasm of landowners is essential to the success of our work in West Cambridgeshire Hundreds and with the Wildlife Trust they are the driving force behind this Living Landscape scheme.

Find out more about the West Cambridgeshire Hundreds

Check out the website for Warseley Wood run by our dedicated Warden @GrahamMoorby. 

 Scheme area: 20,000 Ha

Reserves within the West Cambridgeshire Hundreds Living Landscape

Buff Wood (permit only)
Hardwick Wood
Hayley Wood
Gamlingay Wood
Waresley and Gransden Woods

Key other sites: Wimpole Park, Potton Wood