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Brown hare in set aside field seeded with corn marigolds in summer - David Tipling/2020VISION

“Being a Wildlife Guardian has given me the enormous satisfaction of knowing that along with others I can make a difference”
Cathryn Downing

By joining as a Wildlife Guardian today you will enable us to plan for the future, knowing that the funds we need to make a difference are in place. You will help create thriving habitats for wildlife. And you will help protect some of our rarest and most beautiful species of plants, insects, birds and animals.

As a Guardian you will receive exclusive benefits, including project updates, behind the scenes tours, visits and invitations to events.
Full details are outlined in the brochure below, or for an informal discussion about your support please contact the Supporter Team on 01954 713543 or membership@wildlifebcn.org

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Become a Wildlife Guardian for a minimum donation of £50 per month and receive exclusive benefits, including behind the scenes tours, visits and invitations to events.

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Barn Owl (Tyto alba) hunting UK - Andy Rouse/2020VISION