Training Workshops

Discover & Learn

Do you want to get closer to your local wildlife, develop your natural history skills and learn about what special wildlife you have right on your doorstep?


Get involved with others

The workshops are run in a relaxed atmosphere and are a great way to meet like-minded people.

Where are the workshops held?

They are held at some of the best wildlife sites in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire, and Northamptonshire.

The trainers are enthusiastic local naturalists, who are more than willing to share their vast knowledge with workshop participants.

All you need is an interest in your local wildlife and a passion to learn!


Please contact us on 01604 774031 or email



From bats to dormice, our vertebrate training courses offer an insight into some of our most iconic species. These workshops should improve your field skills for surveying and monitoring vertebrates such as raptors, riverside mammals, dormice and birds.

New for 2019 is the Introduction to Raptors workshops with Henry Stanier in Cambridgeshire.


From woodlice, centipedes and millipedes to butterflies, bumblebees, ants, leaf beetles, weevils and plant galls discover the fascinating world of invertebrates. A wide range of workshops covering identification, basic ecology and monitoring of invertebrates.

Training courses for 2019 include ants, leaf beetles, heathland spiders, weevils, picture-winged flies, pollinators and pollination, and plant galls. 


Explore the wonderful world of plants from wildflower identification to learning more about grasses and trees. Primarily concerned with teaching wildflower identification skills both indoors and in the field.

Our introductory workshops are ideal for beginners looking to brush up their skills. New for 2019 are the Introduction to Aquatic Plants and Elms, their ecology and identification workshops. See the list of all botany training courses for dates and times of upcoming workshops.

Lower plants and fungi

Learn more about lower plants. A small number of introductory workshops concerned with the identification and basic ecology of liverworts, ferns, horsetails and fungi.

Practical and Introductory courses

Learn practical conservation skills or try an introductory course.


These hands-on workshops concentrate on practical skills such as charcoal making and spoon carving.

New for this year is a 2-day Trail Cameras for Wildlife workshop with Henry Stanier in the Great Fen, looking at which trail camera to buy, how to use and position it and what to do with the results.

Basic Ecology Skills

Due to popular demand we are re-running the Basic Ecology Skills workshops - Basic Ecology Skills - BES 1 Species and Habitats and BES 2 Habitat Management and Monitoring. In addition to these two workshops there is also an Introduction to Biological Recording workshop with Ryan Clark in Northamptonshire.

Meadow Ecology and Conservation

Due to its success during the previous two years, we are re-running this workshop which focuses on the ecology and conservation of floodplain meadows and includes site visits to two meadows in Northamptonshire.




Silver-washed fritillary - Gamlingay Wood NR - Sarah Lambert