Bat Punt Safaris

Bat Punt Safaris

'The best bat experience in Britain'

Bat punt by Martin Bond

Our annual river Cam bat punts with Scudamore's provide one of the most exciting evening experiences of summer on the river in Cambridge.

Enjoy a unique experience setting off just before dusk. Hand held bat detectors pick up on bat echolocation as the punt drifts down the river; a Wildlife Trust guide will interpret the type of bat from the clicks and squeaks of, for example, pipistrelle and Daubenton's bats, as well as identifying all the other sounds of the riverbank - from herons and tawny owls to roosting wading birds and the occasional passing fox. During late July into August mother bats fly in tandem with their bat pups.

The 2020 season was cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic; as current guidelines permit, in collaboration with Scudamore's, we are starting 2021 bat punts from Friday 16, Saturday 17 July onwards through until mid September, opening for bookings very soon (please check Scudamore's website below).

How we are responding to COVID-19  How to enjoy wildlife from home

Scudamore's contribute 50% of ticket proceeds to the Trust, so every booking helps wildlife! The trips have now raised more than £50,000 since they started running.

For departure times and to make bookings click the button for Scudamore's below or call 01223 359750.

Book a Batty Business Bash

These unique trips make a great team outing and a fantastic opportunity to entertain business clients; private midweek bookings are available on request (mid May until late September), make the trip extra special with strawberries and cream plus a glass of Pimms.

Departures fluctuate according to when dusk settles; for departure times and to make a booking please visit the Scudamore's Bat Safari website or call 01223 359750.

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"We heard an electronic orchestra of clicks and buzzes..."

Derek Niemann's lyrical experience of a bat punt safari

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"The best bat experience in Britain"

Patrick Barkham's trip along the Cam in the company of Wildlife Trust BCN bat expert Iain Webb

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Martin Bond

“This is the perfect partnership for us - it’s a great way to inspire people about their local wildlife. Bats can seem very mysterious, but by linking up with Scudamore’s we’ve been able to dispel the myths and show people the true wonder of the bats which live in the heart of Cambridge.”
Brian Eversham
Chief Executive, Wildlife Trust BCN