North Chilterns Chalk

Lying across chalky soil in Bedfordshire close to Dunstable and Luton, fragments of habitat - trees, hills and dales intertwine, clothed with flowers that attract insects and birds – experience this vibrant landscape by ‘entering’ below – a panoramic experience of the closest kind to savour


360 view



In Bedfordshire, lying across the chalky soil, the Living Landscape will join together fragments of habitat. The chalk escarpment within the Chilterns Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty is steep and  has never been suitable for farming, so many pockets of grassland, scrub and woodland remain. Old chalk quarries create perfect conditions for cowslips followed by restharrow, yellow rattle and squinancywort... later come the rare Chiltern and autumn gentians. The whole area is home to scarce orchids, such as the frog orchid and man orchid, and butterflies such as such as the Duke of Burgundy, chalkhill blue and marbled white.

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Our vision for the Living Landscape combines land management for wildlife, further land purchases linked to existing reserves and helping landowners within the Living Landscape to keep their own land wildlife-rich. (Illustration by Rachel Hudson).

Close to Dunstable and Luton, North Chilterns Chalk is perfect for local people to enjoy the sight of meadows alive with butterflies in summer and to walk along paths with fantastic views and red kites soaring overhead.

Reserves within the North Chilterns Chalk Living Landscape


Lancot Meadows

Landpark Wood

Pegsdon Hills and Hoo Bit

Blow's Downs

Sewell Cutting

Barton Gravel Pit