Landpark Wood credit. Wildlife Trust

Landpark Wood

Small woodland with bluebells


Between Whipsnade and Dunstable

OS Map Reference

TL 016 184
A static map of Landpark Wood

Know before you go

4 hectares

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Grazing animals


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Path maybe muddy




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When to visit

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Open at all times

Best time to visit

April to June, July to September

About the reserve

Complementing the flower-rich grassland of Whipsnade Heath, Landpark Wood offers a tranquil spot to enjoy the sights and sounds of the English countryside. Veteran large, multi-stemmed beech trees can be found on the boundary of the wood. Hornbeam, oak and ash flourish on the clay soils found locally, allowing bluebells to carpet the woodland floor in spring. Later in the year yellow archangel and woodruff can be found nestling beneath shrubs of hazel and hawthorn.

In spring and early summer, birdsong fills the canopy while woodpeckers drum on old tree trunks looking for food or excavating a hole for nesting. Recent quarrying for chalk has produced open areas within the wood, where flower-rich grassland has developed. The soil is low in nutrients, which means that wild flowers such as fairy flax and St John's-wort can survive with little competition from coarse grasses.   

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