Pollinator Pledge

Help us to plant one acre of pollinator friendly plots in Cambridge

Pollinators need our help - not just bees and butterflies - many flies, beetles and moths are just as valuable but equally threatened.

The Pledge a Plot for Pollinators project will build on the existing network of flower-rich places in Cambridge by encouraging people to pledge an area of ground to improve for pollinators. You could:

  • leave a patch of lawn to grow long (see what surprise flowers bloom)
  • plant up a patch with plug plants of suitable native flowers seed an area of bare soil with wildflower seeds
  • fill a window box or balcony tub with flowers

Your pledge will be added to a running total - our goal is to create at least one acre of new of pollinator friendly habitat in Cambridge. That is nearly 4050 square metres in total! Your plot doesn’t have to be large - an area the size of a large dinner table is two square metres. Even a couple of window boxes can add half a square metre of urban meadow.

Pledgers will receive advice on how best to create pollinator-friendly plots and how to manage them - share your photos as the plot develops and any visitors that make use of it