How you can help hedgehogs

Hedgehog - Tom Marshall

Shepreth Hedgehog Hospital is looking for safe places to release hedgehogs

Shepreth Wildlife Conservation Charity Hedgehog Hospital is seeking safe places to release their hedgehogs. They have had the busiest summer ever with a record number of orphaned hoglets being admitted to the hospital due to the dry weather.

The hoglets are all now ready to be released to the wild. They are looking for urban gardens that are already being visited by hedgehogs, that are not on main roads and that connect to other people's gardens/green spaces by having holes in fences, under gates etc.

The hedgehogs would spend a period of time in a release pen to acclimatise to life outside the hospital and food and water would need to be provided long term after release.

If you, or someone you know, might like to apply, please email for some more information and an application form.  

The Hedgehog Hospital at Shepreth treats and rehabilitates hedgehogs before release back into the wild. This short film provides an insight into the day to day work of this hedgehog rescue and highlights reasons for the long term decline of hedgehogs in the United Kingdom. Filmed and edited by Stephanie Foote. Find out more at: