Cambridge City Hedgehogs getting a helping hand

Cambridge City Hedgehogs getting a helping hand

Tom Marshall

The Wildlife Trust are working with Cambridge City Council to raise awareness of these prickly mammals across the city and help connect their habitats together

During August and September the Wildlife Trust BCN in Cambridge will be working with Cambridge CIty Council on their streets and open spaces project. The aim is to generate interest in managing urban environments with nature in mind, helping to raise awareness about the need to build a Nature Recovery Network, and the responsibility of us all to give nature a helping hand in our towns and cities.

The four events will be aimed at providing local people with information on how to enhance their local area for wildlife, especially creating corridors through which animals can travel freely. Hedgehog highways are a crucial part of this and can link large areas of urban development connecting habitats together, particularly important for our hogs survival.

Creating a hedgehog hole in a fence

Creating a hedgehog hole so they can break on through... 

Image by Paul Wyer

Vic Smith from Cambridge CIty Council said, "The aim of this project will be firstly to establish where our hedgehogs are and in what abundance. We want to use this as a chance to raise awareness locally so that more people connect their gardens, create hedgehog highways, suitable habitats and shelter and generally spread the love for hedgehogs. It's so important to protect these charismatic creatures and we can't wait to get the people of Cambridge on board, and give them a real and practical way to make a difference in their own back yard."

Paul Wyer from The Wildlife Trust BCN will give an introduction on hedgehogs and how we can help them and we’ll be carrying out hedgehog surveys at various locations around Cambridge. The surveys start on 14th August and there are limited places for those who want to help out. To register interest in taking part email

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