Nature's Recovery Fund

Nature's Recovery Fund

Help us stop the destruction of vital habitats, create homes for wildlife and inspire the younger generation to care about nature.

Pegsdon Hills and Hoo Bit nature reserve in late September 2019 - Robert Enderby

Our area is facing pressure like never before, with threats including a proposed one million new homes and the Oxford to Cambridge expressway. We need to make space for wildlife, and nature needs to recover – not just for the sake of wild plants and animals, but also for everything it brings us too: better health, climate control, flood management, enjoyment, employment and overall quality of life.

As individuals, we can make a huge difference by both standing up for nature and taking action. Be part of nature’s recovery – help us stop the destruction of vital habitats, create homes for wildlife and inspire the younger generation to care about nature. Whether it’s £10 or £100, every gift counts to help us protect the nature you love. If you are able to, please make a donation to help us fight for a Wilder Future for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire and help nature recover. 

£60 carries out a field survey, helping us to monitor populations of dormice, bats, insects, orchids and other wildflowers.

£100 buys pond-dipping nets and sample trays for a group, helping children explore and learn about the natural world.

£150 helps towards the restoration of wildlife-rich floodplain meadows.

£200 pays for an advisory visit to help landowners plan for a more vibrant and living landscape.

£500 supports a day educating local decision makers about how we can protect wildlife for the future.


A Nature Recovery Network

The Wildlife Trusts believe in a future Britain where nature is a normal part of childhood and where wildlife thrives across the landscape. A Nature Recovery Network will put space for nature at the heart of our farming and planning systems and bring nature into the places where most people live their daily lives. Set in law it will map the places where wildlife currently thrives and highlight the spaces where more habitat could be created to connect these in a network that extends across the landscape.

Living Landscapes

Living landscapes connect smaller sites together in bigger, more joined up areas helping wildlife to move freely through the countryside. We’re working to create a Nature Recovery Network across our three counties, through nine Living Landscape projects. For all of these projects, we’re working with other conservation organisations, local councils, businesses, farmers, landowners and local communities.

Local Wildlife Sites

Across our three counties are valuable areas of land for wildlife that have no legal protection but are protected purely through the goodwill of their owners and managers. Providing vital building blocks in landscape conservation projects, Local Wildlife Sites support the rich and diverse wildlife which will spread out across new networks in the landscape. We provide free advice and information to landowners on managing these sites. We also run a monitoring programme that aims to visit each site periodically to find out what wildlife is there.

Nature's Recovery Fund

Help us put nature back into recovery and create a wilder future for everyone.