30 Days Wild

30 Days Wild Forget-me-nots by Chris Lawrence

 Forget-me-nots by Chris Lawrence

Go WILD with The Wildlife Trusts

This June, join hundreds of thousands of people taking part in 30 Days Wild. We're challenging you to do something a little bit wild every day: that's 30 Days of fun, exciting and simple Random Acts of Wildness. It's easy!

We're giving you a free pack of goodies to help you plan your wild month, plus you'll get lots of ideas from your local Wildlife Trust to inspire you to stay wild all throughout June (and beyond!) and lots of inspiration, encouragement and support on social media #30DaysWild.

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What is 30 Days Wild?

30 Days Wild is the UK's month-long nature campaign run by The Wildlife Trusts. Now in its fifth year, sign up and take part with hundreds of thousands of people across the UK (and do your bit to help wildlife, too!).

From little actions (like stopping to smell a flower or taking a moment to watch squabbling sparrows in a hedge) to big things (like giving up single-use plastics for a month or writing to your MP about why nature matters), 30 Days Wild is all about re-connecting with the natural world and doing a little bit of good for wildlife.

What's in your pack?

30 Days Wild 2019 Individual Pack contents

On signing up, you'll receive a pack full of wild goodies! A wallchart, with a calendar (to help you plan the month) and an awesome poster. You'll also get a booklet packed full of ideas to help you go wild, a set of super stickers, and some wildflower seeds to brighten up a garden or window box.

You can sign up as an individual or family, as a school, a workplace or even a care home - each pack is tailored to help you get the most out of the month.

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Why take part?

It's not just wildlife that 30 Days Wild helps; you'll feel the benefits, too! We're all a part of nature, and nature needs to be a part of our lives.

Over the past four years, we've been working with the University of Derby to find out about the impact that 30 Days Wild has on people taking part. Spending time outdoors can make you feel happier, healthier and closer to nature, as well as helping people to take more actions to help wildlife.

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Big WIld Weekend logo

Jon Hawkins

15th and 16th June

Big Wild Weekend

Join in with our Pollination Celebration for the middle weekend of 30 Days Wild! We'll be at Trumpington Meadows on 16 June and we're asking everyone to dress up in something stripy like a bee, wasp or hoverfly to help us celebrate the little things that make the world go round! You can join in from anywhere by sharing your pictures with us @wildlifebcn on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram #30DaysWild

Big Wild Weekend
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Who are The Wildlife Trusts?

No matter where you are in the UK, your Wildlife Trust is protecting and standing up for wildlife and wild places in your area. We connect local people to nature on their doorsteps; restore diverse wild places and look after thousands of nature reserves for future generations; and inspire people to take action for wildlife. We believe that everyone can make a positive difference to their local environment and that by working together we can achieve nature’s recovery on land and at sea.

The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire run events, workshops and open days all year, and have over 100 nature reserves across our three counties just waiting to be explored. Sign up for our free monthly e-news and keep in touch with everything we've got going on all year.

If you really want to support our work, why not join the Wildlife Trust BCN. If you pay by Direct Debit, you'll get a free book showing you all the best places to see wildlife near you, as well as our members' magazine packed full of inspiring wild stories and images from around the three counties.

Go wild at one of our events this June