28th November: Happy Bedfordshire Day!

28th November: Happy Bedfordshire Day!

Pegsdon Hills - Robert Enderby

Bedfordshire is a county of hidden beauty with great rivers, wild hills and amazing wildlife just waiting for the discerning explorer to discover.

Did you know that Bedfordshire is home to Britain's 4th longest river (The Great Ouse), the highest hill in our three counties (Dunstable Downs) and some of the last remnants of traditional heathland in lowland Britain (Greensand Country)? These are just some of the facts that make Bedfordshire a fantastic place to explore.

Historically, Bedfordshire was a border-land between the Midlands and the South, divided by the Great Ouse, where rural communities grew up along the river valleys and across the rolling landscape. Many wild and traditionally managed places remained rich in wildlife, particularly in the hills and forests, until modern times.

Nestled within quiet bends of the Ouse, in secret vales in the hills and ancient woodlands you can still connect with the last havens of this older landscape.

Today, Bedfordshire is a county under huge pressure as the London commuter belt spreads into it and agricultural intensification fragments these last wild places. As a result the wildlife of this beautiful county needs our help more than ever. Please support us and learn more about the special places in and around Wild Bedfordshire!

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