30 Fun Wildlife Encounters

Explore and discover the wildlife near you - then take action to protect it. We’ve got 30 fun wildlife activities . . . are you ready for ACTION?

Wildlife everywhere 

You don’t have to travel far to find wildlife, it really is everywhere. As well as your local nature reserve, you can explore the park, your school or at home - whether you’ve got a garden, yard or window box, you’ll be surprised what you might find.

Explore anytime and whatever the weather, rain or shine, day or night, you are sure to discover something new. So find your friends, persuade your parents, grab your grandparents…and get out there!

Your Wildlife Needs YOU!          

Download these 30 listed activities via pdf files below

Marvellous Minibeasts 1-14

1. Who’s Lurking under the Log?
2. Leaf Litter Little Ones
3. Beat About the Bush
4. Charming Worms
5. Sweep it up!
6. Perilous Pitfalls
7. Butterfly Banquet
8. See through Slime
9. Wiggling Worms
10. Look Inside a Worm
11. Wandering Woodlice
12. Build a Brilliant Bug Home
13. Grand Bug Hotel
14. Create Your Own Wilderness
Creatures of the Deep 15-17  
15. Discover what Lurks in the Depths of a Pond
16. Grow Your Own Frogs
17. Create Your Own Watery World
Brilliant Birds 18-21
18. Bird Spotting Bonanza
19. Musical Morning
20. Feed Our Feathered Friends
21. Build a Brilliant Bird Box

Slithering Snakes & Lounging Lizards 22-24
22. Search for Snakes & Look for Lizards
23. Build a Reptile Rockery
24. Create a Cosy Compost Heap
Creatures of the Night 25-30
25. Be A Bat Detective
26. Build a Brilliant Bat Box
27. Talk to the Owls
28. Dissect Skeleton Remains
29. Wild Animal Tracker
30. Magic Moth Traps

Why Don’t You…?

If you enjoy our wildlife adventures, here's how to get more involved:
• Come to an event near you - a great way to try new activities and get close to wildlife
• Join our club –  Wildlife Watch for 8-12 year olds is a fun way to learn about nature. There are also a few clubs specially for teenagers or young children
• Become a Wildlife Trust member  – the family or children’s membership comes with some exciting wildlife goodies throughout the year



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