An important reserve for breeding and winter birds, with frequent visits from otters

Situated at the western end of the reserve, Ditchford is a complex of old gravel pits, scrub and meadows. From the visitor centre, it is accessible via the 'Muddy Boot Trail', as well as from Ditchford Lane.

Highland cattle are used to graze the meadows which are rich in wildflowers such as cuckooflower in the spring and great burnett and meadowsweet in the summer.

Otter's are frequently seen on the lakes- look out for their footprints in the wet mud. Also keep an eye out for heron and cormorants, perching on the dead trees around Big Lake.

Ditchford Lakes and Meadows reserve on Oliver Andrews Flickr page.

The lakes at Ditchford are managed by a private fishing syndicate, Ditchford Fisheries. No day tickets are available.