Watch activities to download and do at home

Children participating in craft activitiesChildren participating in Watch activities

Spot wildlife, make a mini nature reserve or a bug hotel. Download our free activity sheets for fun at home with your friends and family.

Eco-Friendly Crabbing and Rock Pools

Build a Hibernaculum 

Orchid Detective 

Signs of spring spotter sheet

Bird colouring sheet


Kingfisher mask

Goose and swan detective

How to build hidey-holes

Apple Bird Feeder

Spider spotter sheet

Make a mini nature reserve

Make a mini nature reserve

Pond dipping

Make a pond dipping net

How to go pond dipping


Grow a bee & butterfly garden


Make a bat box


Make a bug hotel


How to watch moths


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signsofspring_spotter_sheet.pdf695.26 KB
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make_your_own_pond_dipping_net.pdf131.98 KB
how_to_go_pond_dipping.pdf396.49 KB
bee_and_butterfly_garden.pdf121.25 KB
Make a bat box.pdf149.99 KB
insect_hotel_activity_sheet.pdf516.52 KB
light_trap.pdf309.45 KB
july_watch_newsletter.pdf12.88 MB
wine_ropes.pdf281.94 KB
spider_spotter_sheet.pdf359.87 KB
apple_bird_feeder.pdf336.7 KB
hidey_holes_activity_sheet.pdf127.27 KB
goose_and_swan_spotter_sheet.pdf411.86 KB
kingfisher-mask.pdf33.86 KB
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signsofspring_spotter.pdf695.26 KB
orchid_detective.pdf199.37 KB
hibernaculum_activity_sheet.pdf4.26 MB
butterfly_feeder_activity_sheet.pdf393.57 KB
eco-friendly_crabbing.pdf7.36 MB
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