• The Battle to Save Britain's Ancient Woodland


  • TOTD Cover

    A beautiful book based on the popular Radio 4 series


  • Northants & Oxfordshire ramble

    Not really a guide book, much more a slow travel diary, this book is intended for the armchair traveller, but may also inspire the active walker.


  • Concise Pond Wildlife Guide

    The UK's still-water habitats are thriving with wildlife. This guide selects 190 fascinating species likely to be found and identified in such habitats as ponds, pools and small lakes.


  • Concise Butterfly and Moth Guide

    A guide packed with over 150 butterflies of Britain, illustrated with full colour artworks detailing variations in colour as well some of the most spectacular caterpillars.


  • Concise Garden Wildlife Guide

    A beautifully illustrated pocket guide packed with information on the wildlife that can be found in the gardens of Britain - including mammals, birds, reptiles, amphibians and insects - it covers around 200 species.


  • Mushrooms

    A beautifully illustrated mini field guide packed with information on 200 species of fungi found in Britain, demonstrating the variety that exists in the world of fungi, from boletes and russulas to the strange shaped puffballs, stinkhorns and elfcups.


  • Concise tree guide

    This beautifully illustrated pocket guide is packed with information on the trees of Britain. It covers more than 160 species, all of which are illustrated with superb full-colour artworks that show details of mature trees, leaves, growth patterns and other interesting features.


  • Reminiscences

    A collection of poems and prose about the Fens by John Moyer Heathcote. 'Anyone associated with the Fens, in whatever capacity, will be enriched by this man's love affair with his locality'.


  • Hayley Wood by Oliver Rackham

    We have a few copies of the 1990 edition of Hayley Wood: Its History and Ecology.