Volunteer and boost your wellbeing in 2020

Volunteer and boost your wellbeing in 2020

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Our Voluntary Walking Warden at Blow's Downs shares his passion for the role.
A profile picture of Kerrin, a walking warden volunteer in the North Chilterns Chalk

“I’m unable to work due to both arthritis and PTSD. As a Volunteer Walking Warden for the Wildlife Trust BCN I get to feel stronger as a person. I’m gaining my confidence while out and I feel more connected to the world around me. I know that the work I do is a benefit to my local area.

"I often get thanked by walkers and dog owners for the time I commit to making the Blow's Downs reserve a safe and enjoyable place to visit. I love knowing that I can help. I appreciate and look forward to continuing to work with both the Wildlife Trust BCN and the public.”
Kerrin Connet


Kerrin is a long standing Volunteer Walking Warden on our Blow's Downs nature reserve. He plays an important role by being the ‘eyes and ears’ of the nature reserve, helping to report any problems, taking action where he can and helping to make your visit to Blow's Downs a more enriching experience. In turn, we hope a visit here boosts your wellbeing.

We have a number of Volunteer Walking Wardens in Blow's Downs Nature Reserve and Totternhoe Nature Reserve. They take on varying tasks ranging from litter picking to emergency fence repairs. They are happy to share their local knowledge with you or sign post you in the right direction. Please do stop and have a chat with them if you see them: their volunteer badge or volunteer t-shirts can identify them.  

We also have a much-valued group of event volunteers who play a crucial role in supporting the Wildlife and Community team at North Chilterns Chalk by helping to organise and run a series of engaging walks and talks. Our events programme this year is specifically geared towards boosting your wellbeing, so please do come along and join us.

And if you are inspired to volunteer in 2020 please check out our Volunteer Wildlife Officer position and our conservation work party opportunities.