30 Days Wild - A week of Wild Pictures

We've been gathering a wild rainbow for the first week of 30 Days Wild

30 Days Wild is all about doing something small that connects you with nature every day. All through June, we're going wild and we want you to join us!

The first week was our Wild Pictures theme, and we took a photo from our office garden in Cambourne every day to build a wild rainbow from the things we found. From a poppy to a worm to the bristles on borage - there's plenty of wonder to be found from looking closely at a wild patch.

Why not see what you can find and photograph, or draw, or film this weekend? You don't have to go far - your local park is bound to have an abundance of wild colours. You can even challenge yourself to see as many colours from inside as possible. Lichen on bricks, moss on your roof, dandelions in the cracks between pavements, clouds bustling by... that's four or five colours already!

And of course there are myriad ways to go wild beyond just thinking pictures. You could go for a barefoot walk on the grass, organise a wild garden party, hug a tree or follow a bee. The possibilities are endless.

Week two - dress wild

Starting on Monday, we're challenging people to Dress Wild - but don't worry, this doesn't mean going to work in your dinosaur onesie every day. We'll have some suggestions of ways to think wild with your outfits that are much easier to fit into an outfit or seven. How about wearing something flashy like a peacock on Monday? Or yellow like our native oxlip on Tuesday? Then take a photo and share with us on social media @wildlifebcn.


We'll also be celebrating our pollinators for the Big Wild Weekend on the 15th and 16th of June. We want you to wear something stripy like a bee or hoverfly and share on social media, to get everyone buzzing about how fantastic they are. And if you're in Cambridgeshire, why not join us in your outfit at Trumpington Meadows on Sunday?

We love seeing how people go wild all month, and we can't wait for week two!