30 Days Wild gets underway!

It's June! And that means doing something that connects you with nature every day this month. There are LOADS of ways to get involved...

Debbie from Paxton Pits explains what fun 30 Days Wild can be!

Here at the Wildlife Trust BCN, we LOVE 30 Days Wild.

Normally we'd be running events galore with schools, young people and grown ups, ranging from guided walks at nature reserves to drop-in activities at our education centres, all designed to get people closer to nature and raring to go for a month full of fun.

This year is a little different, but it doesn't mean it has to be any less fun, and 30 Days Wild has kicked off this June with a bang! People have been sharing their blogs, photos, drawings and videos with us by email and across our social media channels, and we are loving keeping in touch with everyone who's getting stuck in. (Find us @wildlifebcn on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!)

Check out this blog from Natalie West all about why 30 Days Wild is so important to her (and for some great 30 Days Wild activity ideas!)

Some of our friends at the Cambridge Museum of Zoology are also taking part, as Kate Howlett explains in her blog post.

Cambridge Independent feature for 30 Days Wild

One of our brilliant local nature journallers, Sharon Williamson, was featured in the Cambridge Independent and is looking forward to her 30 Days Wild this June.

You can follow her on Instagram or visit her blog to find out what she's been drawing.

And it's not just for individuals, either! You can sign up as a workplace, care home or school, and receive tailored resources to help you make the most of the month. just like Nicola has for Manor School in Northamptonshire:

Sign up for 30 Days Wild

If you haven't signed up already, it isn't too late. You can get a little closer to nature all through June, and our free downloadable pack will give you all the inspiration and motivation you need to get your toes wiggling in the grass or your eyes up to the sky. And you'll feel better for it, too, according to our five-year review of 30 Days Wild!

So, get those shoes and socks off and go and find a patch of grass to walk through. And don't mind the rain, you could dance in it or watch the drops trickle down your window and make the most of what the wild world has to offer!