Our staff in Cambridgeshire

Our Cambridgeshire team look after the reserves in the county and help other people, such as landowners and local councils to protect wildlife. We also have two education and community centres in the county.

Cambridgeshire conservation and reserves staff are based at the Manor House in Cambourne. We also have education centres at Paxton Pits and the Great Fen, reserves staff based at Grafham Water and reserves and community staff for Peterborough now also based at Ramsey Heights. See the Three counties staff page for contact details of staff based in Cambourne who work across all three counties.

The Manor House
Broad Street
Great Cambourne
Cambridge CB23 6DH

Tel: 01954 713500
Fax: 01954 710051

Email us at cambridgeshire@wildlifebcn.org
Or to email members of staff directly firstname.surname@wildlifebcn.org


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Conservation team

The conservation team work with local authorities and other partners to protect wildlife from the impact of planning and development. They advise owners of sites that are important for wildlife how to manage their land even better for wildlife.
Conservation Manager: Martin Baker - 01954 713508
Living Landscape Manager: Laura Osborne - 01954 713530
Conservation Officer: Sian Williams - 01954 713509
Community Conservation Officer: Iain Webb - 01954 713531
Water for Wildlife Officer: Ruth Hawksley - 01954 713533
Senior Monitoring and Research Officer: Nick Millar - 01954 713510

Reserves team

The reserves team manage our nature reserves in Cambridgeshire to improve them for wildlife and people.
Senior Reserves Manager: Matt Hamilton - 01954 713521
Reserves Manager (East Cambs): Mark Ricketts - 01954 713512
Reserves Manager (West Cambs): Aidan Matthews - 07734 478455
Reserves Officer: Jenny Smith - 01954 713516
Reserves Officer: David Price - 01954 713514
Reserves Officer (Grafham Water & West Cambs): Ben Atkinson - 07903 029950

Trumpington Meadows

Grantchester Road

Trumpington Meadows Senior Ranger: Rebecca Green - 07734 478471
Trumpington Meadows Ranger: Peter Beckenham - 0773 478472

Cambridgeshire and Peterborough Environmental Records Centre (CPERC)

The main source of natural history and protected species information for Cambridgeshire the centre works with a wide range of organisations, individuals and government bodies including the Wildlife Trust.
Centre Manager: Phil Ricketts - 01954 713571
Data Officer: Hazel Harbird - 01954 713570
Data Officer: David Gregory - 01954 713570

To find out more about the centre's work see our Local Environmental Records centre page and the CPERC website.

Great Fen staff

Manage our work in the Great Fen and work on our growing nature reserve in the area.
Great Fen Project Manager: Kate Carver - 01954 713513
Great Fen Restoration Manager: Lorna Parker  - 01487 815524
Great Fen Restoration Officer: Mark Ullyett - 01487 815524
Great Fen Restoration Officer: Helen Bailey - 01487 815524
Great Fen Monitoring and Research Officer: Henry Stanier - 01487 815524

Great Fen education and community team

The Great Fen Countryside Centre at Ramsey Heights
Chapel Road
Ramsey Heights
PE26 2RS
01487 710420
Email the Great Fen education and community team

Administration Officer: Mandy Corney
Education and Community Manager: Louise Rackham
Interpretation and Community officer: Lauren Stonebridge


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Huntingdonshire Environmental Education Service

Environmental Education Centre
Paxton Pits Nature Reserve
Little Paxton,
Near St.Neots
PE19 6ET
01480 473161

Education Centre Manager: Debbie McKenzie


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 Grafham Water reserves 

The Fishing Lodge
West Perry
PE28 0BX
01480 811075

Senior Reserves Officer: Greg Belcher  

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Peterborough community and reserves team

The Peterborough community education service and the reserves team have moved from the Bug Life offices at Ferry Meadows Country Park to:

The Countryside Centre
Chapel Road
Ramsey Heights
PE26 2RS
Tel: 01487 710420

To email staff directly: firstname.surname@wildlifebcn.org

Community Wildlife Officer: Rachel Price
West Cambs Senior Reserves Officer: Dan Richardson
West Cambs Reserves Officer: Amanda Kent

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