Wildlife from Home

Wildlife from Home

Photos from various #wildlifefromhome contributors – see facebook group for credits

With many of us working from home and avoiding travel - it can be difficult to keep in touch with nature. We are introducing 'Wildlife from Home' to share wildlife sightings from home and garden.

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Homes and gardens can be a haven for wildlife, and you might be surprised how many species can be found hiding under plant pots or in the garden hedge.

With travel limited at the moment, we are launching ‘Wildlife from Home’ to allow you to share your wildlife sightings from you garden, yard, and even in your house.

Please join our facebook group and upload your photos and videos – with the hashtag #wildlifefromhome.

There is a friendly community that can help you to identify that mystery bug or plant – and Trust staff will be on hand to help out. If you want build your identification skills, there are a huge range of wildlife identification guides on our website.

We are always keen to promote biological recording – and this could be just the time to start a new hobby. We have set up an iRecord page specifically for this project. You can view the records and sign up for your own account here. Learn more about biological recording in the three counties from the WILDside recording handbook.

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WILDside Recording Handbook

wildlife from home

Photos from various #wildlifefromhome contributors – see facebook group for credits