Get down with wildlife in your garden

You might see an eyed-hawkmoth in your garden when you look! By Margaret HollandYou might see an eyed-hawkmoth in your garden when you look! By Margaret Holland

Enjoy discovering wildlife and giving nature a helping hand in your garden with our hints and tips

We're Wild About Gardens; Britain's wildlife needs all the nurturing it can get and there are plenty of simple things that we can all do to help

Your garden or back yard is a valuable home for wildlife by night and day, waiting for you to discover. It's also a vital refuge for many kinds of wildlife struggling to survive in the wider countryside. Anything you do to help, no matter how small, will add up to make a big difference to the future of our native species.

Here are ideas, tips and information on how to help nature on your patch, and to discover things you might never have known were there

What’s out there?

You might find one of our beginner’s Concise Guides handy to identify things on your search – or to give you ideas of what to hunt for in the first place. You can buy these pocket-sized guides from our online shop – choose from pond wildlife, garden wildlife or butterflies and moths.

You can always ask us for help in identifying things if you get stuck - just post a photo on our Facebook page or Twitter. To get closer you can start with a good quality compact pair of Wildlife Trust binoculars for £29.95 from our shop.

Browse a wide range of factsheets on wildlife gardening subjects at the UK Wildlife Trusts website.

If your appetite is already whetted, our  book Wildlife Gardening for Everyone  takes the best ideas and practical experience of 'ordinary' people, and tops them up with expert advice from professional RHS gardeners and Wildlife Trust naturalists. You can buy this inspirational and practical colour handbook from our online shop.

Get close to wildlife in your garden and enjoy getting closer to nature.