Wildlife from Home

Wildlife from Home

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Our amazing Education and Community Team are missing being out-and-about and giving talks on the wildlife around us. To help keep us all connected with nature they're creating daily videos covering a wide range of activities and insights to do with nature and how we can still get involved. You can catch them first over on our Facebook page at 10am and be sure to share your own wildlife with us by using the hashtag #WildlifeFromHome

Bird Song Identification - Episode 1: Robin

Hear more Robin songs

Gardening for Wildlife - Planting Peas and Tomatoes

More on Wildlife Gardening

How to make a Bird Feeder

Bird feeder worksheet.pdf

Bird Song Identification - Episode 2: Great Tit

Hear more Great Tit songs

Make a wildlife garden

Story of a wildlife garden

Bird Song Identification - Episode 3: Thrush

Hear more Thrush songs

How to make a wildlife palette

Wilder Learning activities

Growing vegetables for wildife

Make a compostable newspaper planter

Make a mini wildlife pond

Make a mini wildlife pond.pdf

Bird Song Identification - Episode 4: Chiffchaff

Hear more Chiffchaff songs

An Introduction to Wildlife Photography

Photography Compeetition

Wonders of the amazing bluebell

Wilder Learning activities

Bird Song Identification - Episode 5: Wren

Hear more Wren songs

Bird Song Identification - Episode 6: Blackbird

Hear more Blackbird songs

Making a Home for Insects - Part 1

Wilder Learning activities

Bird Song Identification - Episode 7: Chaffinch

Hear more Chaffinch songs

Wilder Learning

For more nature-based activities for adults and children alike. Ideal for home-schoolers, these activities will keep you engaged with your local wildlife and spending some quality time with the family. 

Wildlife Wednesdays with Wildlife Watch

Want more great wildlife video content? Check out the Wildlife Watch Youtube channel for weekly videos featuring our colleagues from across the Wildlife Trusts movement all over the country!

Wildlife Wednesday Videos