Reserve It! FAQs

Adam Cormack

What is Reserve It!?

You will have 6 hours to visit as many of our Wildlife Trust Nature Reserves as you possibly can in a team of 4 people. You will be given a handheld GPS system, courtesy of Skyguard, so we can monitor your progress and keep track of the nature reserves you visit. Teams will be given extra points for using innovative transport and the best fancy dress.

What about the environmental impact of Reserve It!?

We are actively encouraging people to take part in Reserve It! using innovative, eco-friendly transport and will be awarding teams points and prizes for doing so. Teams will be travelling together which will reduce the impact on the environment. Reserve It! will give people who may not normally be involved or interested in wildlife a chance to see just how important our green spaces are and enable people to realise how close their nearest nature reserve is to where they live. We have 128 reserves across our three counties and 95% of the population live within 5 miles of one of our reserves so once our teams get planning their routes they will see how close to nature they really are!

What will the money go to?

All donations are used where most needed for the benefit of your local wildlife. Your £1,000 could go towards installing dormouse boxes and undertake monitoring on our Reserves such as Brampton Wood in Cambridgeshire. It could keep our rare breeds of grazing sheep and our sheepdog in Northamptonshire fit and well. It could enable children to get involved with nature through our Forest Schools programme in Bedfordshire. We can also multiply your donation by using it to release much larger grants through the Landfill Communities Fund. In this case, we could turn every £1 that you give us for nature conservation into £10! See more about what we do.

How can we raise the money?

We will send you lots of ideas to help you raise the money once you have signed up to the challenge and we will be on hand throughout your fundraising to help when needed.

Who can enter?

You will need to be in a team of 4 with all members over the age of 18. Reserve It! is a great opportunity for teams to demonstrate their planning, ingenuity and decision making skills, flexibility, leadership and creativity.

What if I can't get a team of 4 people?

Reserve It! is an exciting new challenge so we are hoping you won't have any problems recruiting team members! Think about asking suppliers, customers, friends and family to join you. 

Do I have to wear fancy dress?

Think of it as a team uniform – you could wear matching outfits, wear only green clothes, or just wear your company uniform. But don’t forget, a prize will be awarded for the team with the best fancy dress!

What modes of transport can I use?

It is up to your team to decide the best route around the reserves. You can travel by any mode of transport, as long as it is legal and safe. A prize will be awarded to the team with the most unusual form of transport though, so get creative!