Reserved for Nature

Reserved for Nature

Will you help us by donating to support your local nature reserves?

Pitsford Water by Sarah Gibbs

Supporting Nature Near You

Over the winter and the latest period of lockdown, we once again found ourselves having to stay at home. As well as looking after ourselves, our family, friends and others while the Covid pandemic continued, the winter lockdown gave us the opportunity to again explore our local surrounds in more depth.

Managing a reserve can mean anything from hands-on practical work, such as clearing scrub or haymaking, creating new habitats, and ecological monitoring, to making long term plans for the site, as well as providing access and events for visitors.

There's A Lot Going On! 

Our dedicated team of 25 manage over 100 reserves between them, so there is a lot of work to do every day, even with an army of volunteers behind them. They are out in all weathers, checking livestock, cutting reedbeds, mending boardwalks, fences and hides, clearing lake edges, removing fallen trees, installing water pumps, coppicing – the list is endless.  And that’s not to mention the time needed in the office – obtaining quotes for servicing equipment, assisting with grant applications, responding to enquiries from members and attending training. Throw into the mix the occasional radio or TV interview or an online talk!

Everything our reserves staff do, whether out in the field or in the office, ensures that the wonderful wildlife of our three counties can continue to thrive, and that visitors can enjoy everything on offer.

If you are able, please consider making a donation to support your local reserve so we can ensure it remains a beautiful place on your doorstep and a haven for wildlife.

Reserved for Nature


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Betony at Upwood Meadows June  - c. Robert Enderby

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