Changes to the Wildlife Gardening at Work Awards 2020

Changes to the Wildlife Gardening at Work Awards 2020

Common Toad on Gardening Glove - Tom Marshall

Now accepting entries from remote workers' homes and gardens until 26 June.

We are very glad to announce that we are making some changes to this year’s wildlife Gardening at Work awards to allow as much participation as possible through these difficult and isolated times.

All categories are now open to entries from both workplace grounds and home workers’ gardens. We have also extended the deadline for submissions to Friday 26 June to allow a little time for adjustment to our new and unprecedented ways of working. Please encourage any staff working remotely to use their own gardens, or even just a window box, to help improve the area for wildlife. Then collate any individual entries and submit them as group to us as your organisational entry. This could increase your chances of winning an award hugely, so make sure you get as many staff involved as possible!

The stress-relieving and wellbeing-boosting power of the natural world is more important than ever at a complex time like this. Give your colleagues the chance to enjoy their gardens and connect with each other while sharing ideas. A breath of fresh air and the joy of sharing a photo of the first shoots from a wildflower seed mix popping up, can make all the difference to a dull day in a home office. It doesn’t have to take much work or time to improve a garden for wildlife. You could leave part of your lawn to grow long or create a small bucket pond and watch the wildlife enjoy it. Please do get in touch on if you would like to discuss ideas further.

You can find out more about how to enter the awards, as well as more quick and easy ideas for wildlife garden improvements, here, or find the entry form and resources pack linked below.

We would love to see any projects in progress or wildlife sightings along the way, so please do share photos on social media using the #WildlifeFromHome and be sure to tag us @wildlifebcn.

Good luck and happy gardening!