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A cause for concern?

Posted: Thursday 3rd September 2015 by Fundraising

Head of Fundraising Amanda SpivackHead of Fundraising Amanda Spivack

Recent media controversy media about some of the techniques used by charities to raise funds has prompted our Head of Fundraising Amanda Spivack to write her first ever blog

Welcome to my first ever fundraising blog. Like a number of people recently, I’ve read and heard concerns about the fundraising practices of some charities. The main areas of concern expressed seem to be the face-to-face ‘ask’ on the street for donations or membership, and the telephone fundraising campaigns organised by some charities.

I’d like to reassure all our supporters and donors, both current and potential, that we take great care over our fundraising, and that our duty of care includes being sensitive to our donors’ wishes. We want to make a positive impact for wildlife and we know this means taking people along with us.

At the Wildlife Trust, we take care to ensure that all our fundraising messages are appropriate for our supporters, and that we only ask for more money when local wildlife really needs our help. The fundraising team consciously work with the sense of responsibility that goes hand-in-hand with asking for donations. We always try to put ourselves in our donors’ shoes when deciding when to ask, what to ask, and how much to ask for. We also take great care to follow the guidance given by the Institute of Fundraising (IoF) in their Codes of Fundraising practice.

In particular, we never sell our supporters’ data to third parties. You can also opt out of receiving marketing communications from us at any time. If you no longer wish us to contact you by email, post or telephone you can contact us and we’ll amend your record straightaway.

We’ll need to keep learning and working to build greater trust with our donors. We want to enjoy good relationships with our local communities, we want our donors and supporters to trust us, and we want to show them the difference a gift can make for local wildlife. I recognise that we are on a journey. I hope we can persuade you to travel with us to make a difference for people and wildlife across our three counties. 

Do take a look at our Fundraising Promise with our commitment to acting fairly and properly.

If you ever have any feedback or questions about your experience of supporting us at any time we’d be delighted to hear from you. Please call us on 01954 713543 or email us at


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