30 Days Wild: baby and me

Photo credit: Kate French

Kate and 10 week old Arthur share their 30 Days Wild 2021 adventures.

We are really excited that Kate is sharing Arthur's adventures with us. She spoke to some of our team at the Paxton Pits Education Centre and, together, they came up with a list of things to do with her two month old.   

30 Days Wild is open to all ages and everyone can benefit. Even if you haven't had a chance to join, you can still participate.  

Meet Kate, Michael and Arthur

Kate, Michael and baby Arthur

Credit: Kate French

Arthur is currently 10 weeks old and we are really keen as a family to participate in 30 Days Wild. Both myself and my husband love being outdoors especially walking and gardening. The Wildlife Trust has a special meaning to us as my husband Michael proposed at Paxton Pits Nature Reserve, just by the centre!

It's really important for us to pass our love of wildlife onto Arthur and really feel it’s good for him to spend as much time outside as possible! It’s such an exciting adventure bringing Arthur into the world and we have this amazing opportunity to introduce him to nature and the great outdoors with some fun activities.

Arthur's adventures

Kate and Arthur day 1 breakfast outside

Credit: Kate French

Breakfast in the sunshine for Arthur and I.

Arthur enjoying being outside

Credit: Kate French

Arthur playing on his play mat in the shade on the grass. He was watching the sky lots and listening to the birds singing!

Yesterday we went for a walk early before the day got too hot. Arthur looked around at the start and then slept in the sling. The movement of walking with him always sends Arthur to sleep! The walk was lovely and shaded. We went through the field and on country lane paths. I saw butterflies and some red kites swooping in the sky.

Arthur enjoying the grass on his bare feet

Credit: Kate French

As it was such a warm day today we went out for an early morning walk with Arthur in the sling. When we got home Arthur enjoyed playing on the grass in the shade under our big parasol. I took off his socks and he was feeling the cool grass between his toes. He was also grabbing at it with his hands and pulling! 

Arthur enjoying the flowers

Credit: Kate French

As it was a bit wet and rainy today we brought the outside inside. I picked a few flowers and leaves and waved them in front of Arthur so he could follow them with his eyes, he then felt some of the plants with his hands. 

Arthur watching the trees

Credit: Kate French

Arthur laid under the trees in the garden and watched the shadows and shapes. He was very happy laying on a blanket in the shade! 

Arthur in his pram

Credit: Kate French

A walk along the Leighton buzzard canal in his Pram, there were a lot of different noises and things to watch. We saw ducks, a heron, butterflies, red kites and a squirrel! Arthur listened to the wooshing of the water when the locks opened for the boats to move through!  

Arthur and I enjoyed wandering around the garden together talking about all the flowers that are now coming out. The garden is full of amazing colours and wildlife. 

Arthur and the sunflower seeds

Credit: Kate French

Arthur helped Granny to plant some sunflower seeds in the garden! We will enjoy watching them grow together. 

Arthur watching mum planting in the garden

Credit: Kate French

We visited our local nursery where there are lots of tunnels full of plants. We then spent the afternoon planting up the hanging baskets and pots together in the shade. Arthur even had a little feel of the soil! The plants are lovely and bright so will add extra colour to our garden.