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Wildlife Guides

Matthew Roberts

We actively encourage naturalists to record on our reserves and are keen to support any activities that add to our understanding of sites and species. Please get in touch if you are interested in recording on our reserves.

Identification keys

Getting to grips with a full range of species in many taxonomic groups can seem a daunting prospect to the beginner. But here in our three counties where we have no coasts or uplands or different climatic zones to worry about it is often possible to reduce the choice of species to a more manageable number. This is the philosophy behind many of the identification keys provided here. The local checklists will tell you what species are known to occur in this area and how common or rare they are here.

We are happy for these resources to be:

- copied for personal use

- used for teaching purposes by other organisations and individuals

The Learning about plants factsheet was produced to help those living within our area and with an interest in vascular plants to learn more by attending courses, joining societies and groups and by attending field meetings. Comments and suggestions for improvements are welcome. Each item carries an email address for the author or manager of the resource to whom comments should be sent.

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Wildflower meadow North Chilterns Chalk - Robert Enderby