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Partnerships policy

Bluebell woodland - Katrina Martin / 2020VISION

The Wildlife Trust BCN believes that in order to reduce negative impact, and ultimately work towards the goal of ‘net positive impact’, there needs to be an open and innovative exchange between environmentalists and business leaders. We would like to see public, private and voluntary sectors all become part of the solution to on-going biodiversity loss at regional, UK, European and international levels.

The major concern surrounding partnerships is the potential to undermine the Trust’s reputation or credibility and/or damage our relationship with a significant number of our supporters.

The Wildlife Trust BCN will engage with several types of organisation through partnerships but specifically for corporates there are also Corporate memberships which are promoted on the basis of mutual benefit. 


Policy statement


  1. The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire (BCN) seeks to engage with as wide an audience as possible in pursuit of its vision of People close to nature, in a land rich in wildlife. Policymakers, business leaders, communities and individuals all have a role to play in working with the Trust to tackle the serious threats facing biodiversity and ecosystems today.


  1. The Trust will engage with organisations/businesses which show a public commitment to advancing nature conservation and environmental sustainability.


  1. One of the primary purposes of partnership activities is to bring about organisational behaviour change, to improve environmental performance, since we believe that awareness, education and dialogue are vital to progress. The range of parties with whom the Trust chooses to engage may therefore be broad, including some organisations that are trying to address significant negative environmental impacts. We aim to minimise barriers to participation in partnership activities but we retain the right not to enter into partnership where the principles and policies or conduct of organisations or individuals are in obvious conflict with the charity’s values or where, in the Trust’s view, public perception of any partnership might adversely affect the Trust’s reputation or credibility.


  1. In choosing to work in partnership with an organisation the Wildlife Trust BCN will proactively engage for the following reasons:


  • a) To champion and further our Vision, in furthering the Trust’s plans and objects
  • b) paying attention to our mission
  • c) and our Values
  • d) Raise funds and other resources for the Trust’s work


  1. Any partnership would follow the guidelines developed (available on request) to help determine the choice of partners.


  1. Engagement by the Trust with a partner does not signify an endorsement of the organisation by the Trust


  1. Whilst the policy and the external messages we publish relating to the policy will help to define our position, there may be occasions where the compatibility of a partner is not absolutely clear. In these instances we reserve the right to refuse an offer and the decision of our Trustees will be final.