Our Vision - Working Together

Our Vision

Working Together

Paul Harris/2020VISION

Shared values

Our shared values will help us to work better; to be efficient and effective and to share best practice.

We will work effectively and improve our internal communications systems and working practices.

We will enccourage secondments and clear leadership at all levels.

Learning from Cambourne

Nine miles west of Cambridge lies a village that is unique. Cambourne is a new development on former farmland that has been designed for wildlife as well as people. We've been involved from the beginning, ensuring that large areas of new habitat were created, giving residents a wonderful space to enjoy being outdoors, and providing a home for wildlife.

We now manage 198 acres (80 hectares) of land, and moved our central office to Cambourne in 2004.

Jenny Mackay, Cambourne Reserves Officer, said, "There are more wildlife species here now than when the area had huge arable fields, because there is a wider variety of habitats. New lakes form part of the drainage system at Cambourne and they are also fantastic for wildlife."

We are using all that we have learned at Cambourne to benefit other projects for example at our newest nature reserve - Trumpington Meadows. 

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