We value nature, now and for generations to come

We don't measure our achievements in seasons, years, or even decades. Our investment in wildlife is for the years to come


If you choose to remember the Wildlife Trust in your will, I can assure you that your gift will make a real and lasting contribution to saving the wildlife we all love


Sir David Attenborough



Within living memory, Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire were rich with birdsong, colourful wildflowers and a glorious abundance of native wild animals and plants. Today, many of these precious wildlife species are in decline and dangerously close to extinction.

We are determined to make a positive change. Gifts in wills are helping us to make nature's special places even bigger and better and we are working to create landscapes where wildlife can once again flourish.

You can make a difference today. After providing for your loved ones, please remember the Wildlife Trust BCN. Leaving a gift in your will ensures that the wildlife you care so much about is protected well beyond your lifetime.

We assure you that every pound of your gift - large or small - will be used to ensure the preservation of our beautiful green spaces and local wildlife.
Thanks for taking the time to read this page . . .
and for any gift you might make - now or in the future



More information

For more information on making your will or leaving a gift to the Wildlife Trust please see the below pages

Our leaflet and legacy pack

If you would like further information we have produced a comprehensive legacy pack that contains all the information you will need if you are considering leaving a gift to the Wildlife Trust.

If you wish to be sent a pack in the post please email us or contact on the below details.

How to get in touch

For more detailed information or to discuss your gift in confidence please contact our legacy team by telephone on 01954 713500 or email.




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