A round-up of this June's 30 Days Wild from all around our three counties

Well, 30 Days Wild is over for another year, and it's been a blast! Over 3,000 people in Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire and Northamptonshire signed up to take part, and over the whole of the UK an estimated 400,000 people have gone wild. That's over ten million Acts of Wildness - a lot of little actions for nature!

Our month has seen us taking a photography rainbow in our office garden; dressing wild with stripes, colours and silly masks; sharing some of our favourite wild facts; and getting all our senses keyed in to the wild world around us. We've also made a trip to London to lobby our MPs to do more to help wildlife, at #TheTimeisNow event - it's been a busy month!

And you've all been busy, too! We've loved watching your Acts of Wildness on social media. From relishing the rain, to raising caterpillars into butterflies, to taking a walk in the wild or volunteering on one of our reserves - getting closer to nature is good for you and good for the world around you. We hope you're inspired to keep at it for the whole year!

Thank you to everyone who has taken part this year... but we hope it won't stop here! Stay wild all year by making time to notice the nature all around you. Breathe in forest air, listen to the birds singing, plant a patch of wildflowers and watch them grow, visit your local nature reserve, watch the clouds float by... these are all things that can be woven into our everyday lives and are so good for us, too. 

If, like us, 30 Days Wild has inspired you to love and care for the nature in our three counties, there is always more you can do to help it. Join our campaign for a Wilder Future and take actions for wildlife on your own doorstep as well as helping to get it better protection from government. 

Most of all, thank you for taking part!

Here is just a small selection of some of the ways you've been connecting with nature this month...

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