Nature: A gift

Nature: A gift

Bluebells in High Wood - Robert Enderby

Rachel Hopper reflects on how a love for wildlife can last beyond a lifetime.

Wild spaces are really important to me - somewhere to go and escape the noise and bustle of everyday life. A place to slow down, breathe deeply and notice the little things - the breeze in the trees, birdsong, bees buzzing in the flowers. That sense of wonder at the changing landscape through the rhythm of the seasons.

I am proud to work at the Wildlife Trust BCN, where I get to see the far-reaching impact of wild spaces on others, too. 

Supporting our work means helping to provide a legacy for future generations. Whether you can give us some of your time and expertise, donate to an appeal or leave a gift in your Will, there are myriad ways we can help connect you to a wilder future for all to enjoy.

We’re never too young, or too old, to benefit from spending time in our natural world.

It is pure joy to watch a young child’s eyes light up in awe as they start to discover the natural world for themselves. Our activity centres and children’s clubs witness this transformation regularly. For some children, these early encounters will lead to a lifelong passion for all things wild.

Our community outreach sessions have a profound and positive impact on people living with dementia, offering opportunities to reminisce about childhood experiences outdoors by touching and smelling natural items such as herbs, pine cones and shells.   

Giving back to nature – our gifts

Many of our supporters value nature in this way too, and make a difference by helping us to protect our local wild spaces and the wildlife that lives in and around them through membership, donations and volunteering.

Young people across the globe are concerned about the future of our planet, and are increasingly taking action to highlight environmental issues. Locally, our teams of volunteer Youth Rangers are playing a crucial part in nature’s recovery by improving habitats for wildlife through litter picks or practical conservation work at our nature reserves.

Some of our supporters feel very strongly that the wildlife that they love now should be there for others to enjoy many years into the future, so they include a gift to the Wildlife Trust BCN in their Will. Over the last 10 years over 100 nature-lovers have done just that, and we are enormously grateful for these pledges.

The gifts that we receive from Wills are very special, regardless of size; they all help the Trust achieve its vision for the wildlife and are often a lasting testament to a lifetime’s love for our local wildlife.

“a love of walking in woodland”
                “a passion for wildflowers”
                                  “our favourite place”

These are just some of the reasons why supporters like you choose to include a gift to the Wildlife Trust BCN in their Will. A gift to nature

Do you enjoy a wild life? Can you help create a wilder future?