Wildlife From Home: Fantastic Fungi

Wildlife From Home: Fantastic Fungi

Shaggy scalycap Pholiota squarrosa by Josh Hellon

Share your sightings of fungi and get help with identification

Fungi are starting to pop up out of the ground and tree trunks in an amazing array of shapes and colours. The mushrooms, toadstools, brackets and puffballs we see are in fact the fruiting bodies of the fungus, with most species found in spring and autumn.

There are over 15,000 species of fungus in the UK and numerous field guides dedicated to their identification. If you are just learning to identify these fascinating organisms, or building your knowledge, why not upload your photos to our monitoring and research Facebook group. There are expert members and Trust staff who will be able to help you with identification.

Our Wildlife From Home theme has been very popular, and has really encouraged people to share what they find in their gardens and when out for local walks. Now we are coming in to autumn, there may be less chance to find butterflies and dragonflies, but there are still plenty of interesting species to see. Please tag your photos #wildlifefromhome on Facebook and Instagram.

We ask visitors not to pick fungi on Wildlife Trust BCN reserves, except in special circumstances. NEVER eat any fungi you find unless you are 100% certain about their identity. Unless you are with an expert, it is best to leave mushrooms where you find them - that way, others can enjoy their beauty - and go home with a photo instead.

Fungal Foray at King's Wood

A selection of fungi found during a walk at King’s Wood, Corby in October 2019 (From top left) Honey fungus Armillaria mellea, Beefsteak fungus Fistulina hepatica, Dusky puffball Lycoperdon nigrescens, Wood blewit Clitocybe nuda, Stagshorn fungus Calocera viscosa, Lilac fibrecap Inocybe geophylla var. lilacina, Stump puffball Lycoperdon pyriforme, Shaggy scalycap Pholiota squarrosa, Clustered brittlestem Psathyrella multipedata. (Photo by Josh Hellon)