A new perspective on Brampton Wood

Drones are an incredibly useful new tool in conservation. The Wildlife Trust BCN are investigating how we can use drones to help with our conservation and research work.

This extraordinary colour-enhanced image (using the Visual Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI)) of Brampton Wood, taken by a drone, has been incredibly useful in determining coverage of different types of vegetation. There are a variety of ways in which footage and photographs taken by drones can be utilised in our work.

 You can read our full report on drone use at Brampton Wood by viewing the pdf available on this page.

The images in this report were obtained by a licensed unmanned aerial vehicle (drone) operator with permission of the Wildlife Trust BCN. For the safety of people and wildlife, please do not operate drones on or above any Wildlife Trust reserve without first obtaining permission. Contact us at communicationsteam@wildlifebcn.org for more information.

A colour-enhanced image of Brampton Wood from above