New Life on the Old West

New Life on the Old West

Old West River by Simon Stirrup

We are involved with Cambridgeshire ACRE in developing a new conservation project on the Old West river in Cambridgeshire. You can help out by filling in the questionnaire below

The ‘New Life on the Old West’ project is being developed by Cambridgeshire ACRE, working closely with a number of organisations and community groups who have a stake in the conservation, land management and development of community green space assets in the landscape either side of the Old West River (Cottenham, Haddenham, Over, Stretham, Rampton, Wicken, Wilburton, Willingham, and Little Thetford)..

The project aims to improve community green spaces and create a series of small-scale habitat improvements in the arable landscape and on the extensive ditch network. Together, these will create a more resilient Fenland landscape, connecting dispersed species and habitats, whilst creating demonstration sites for others to learn from.

The project also aims to provide a stronger connection with people’s green space assets and nature on their doorstep, through a diverse education, events, citizen science and volunteering programme. In particular, we want to work closely with local conservation groups to develop activities that will help us better monitor and protect a range of wildlife species around the Old West river. We would love to hear your thoughts about the types of nature projects you would like to participate in within your local area.

By completing this short questionnaire, you can help us shape the plans of the New Life on the Old West project. Please help us understand the needs and desires of the communities we aim to benefit!

The link to the online questionnaire can be found at:

For more information about the New Life on the Old West project, please see our website: Alternatively, you can follow us on Facebook or Twitter.

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