Wildlife Photographer Showcase: Kevin Lunham

Wildlife Photographer Showcase: Kevin Lunham

Brown hare by Kevin Lunham

Kevin tells us how he got into wildlife photography, and shares his experiences on Wildlife Trust reserves

I first started taking photos of wildlife when I was about 12, my aunt has always been interested in the subject and she got me into photographing wildlife in her garden.

The hare picture in this series is one of my favourite images - it's from back in 2012, and I lay on the edge of the fen for many days before I could get the shot I wanted. I love photographing any wildlife, and I think it's a real privilege to get close to animals in their own environment. Quite often I don't even pick up my camera, I just absorb the experience.

I mostly visit the following Wildlife Trust reserves, as they're all very local to me: The Great Fen, Woodwalton Fen, Upwood Meadows, Raveley Wood, Woodwalton Marsh, Gamsey Wood and Wistow Wood. Occasionally, I will travel further afield, if I'm looking for a particular subject that I can't find locally. I think it's important to work close to home, so you can learn what times of year are good for certain subjects and locate particular areas where that wildlife could be found.

As well as the photography, I've been a practical volunteer at The Great Fen and Woodwalton Fen for around 12 years, and a Great Fen Ranger for around 7 years.

My advice to new photographers would be - Take photos... lots of photos... of everything you can find. When you stop thinking about all your camera settings and start to look more at the composition and the lighting, that's when your pictures will move to another level. If you want to get close to nature then fieldcraft and learning more about your subject are both vital skills.

You can view more of Kevin’s photography at his Flickr account.

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Brown hare in snowfall by Kevin Pigney
3rd Prize - Photography Competition 2020