30 Days Wild - Day thirty - Keeping it wild

30 Days Wild - Day thirty - Keeping it wild

Urban planted flowers by Paul Hobson

Thanks to everyone who took part. Now let's go 365 days wild!

We have come to the end of our 30 Days Wild for 2018 and boy has it been a bumper one. From moth traps to picnics to hide-building, dragon-hunting to Cam paddling to meadow conservation, it's been a busy month for our staff and volunteers all across the three counties, and beyond.

We've really enjoyed reading all about your own wild experiences on social media, some of which are collected here. Over the whole country, 350,000 people have taken part who have collectively carried out an estimated 10 million acts for nature. That's a lot of little moments of taking notice of the wildlife, feeding birds, admiring sunsets and everything else that you've all been doing. We're sure it's helped you feel happier, healthier and more connected to the natural world.

Ways to stay wild!

We really hope it doesn't stop here. Taking a little time out regularly to notice the amazing wildlife you encounter is good for you and good for your environment. And we hope you've proved to yourself that it doesn't have to take a lot of time or effort to reap big rewards.

We've got over a hundred nature reserves around the three counties for you to visit, plus a packed calendar of events, workshops, family-friendly fun and loads more going on all year. Staying in touch with us is a great way to keep in the loop about your local wildlife - as well as the best way to ensure it continues to thrive.

If you haven't done so already, sign up to receive our monthly e-news - and keep checking back on our new website and blog. If you join as a member of the Wildlife Trust BCN, you'll also receive our members' magazine three times a year as well as supporting the work we do to protect nature in our three counties.

Whether you've managed something wild every day, once a week, or just followed other people's progress - thank you for taking part this June. 


Wild Every Day

A poem by John Bitumen

As we come to the end of these 30 days Wild,
I shall always remember just how much we smiled.
The weather was great, with no threat of a storm,
For the whole 30 days it was sunny and warm!
We did loads of things, and saw so much of life,
For the first time in ages, a sigh from my wife!
One evening whilst out, and walking back home,
A badger appeared, he was out for a roam.
It wasn’t yet dark and we saw him close by,
(His sighting the cause of my spouse’s loud sigh)
We had so much fun, we don’t want it to stop,
So why after June should we give it the chop?
Can we start it again? Came the plea from my child,
So I said from now on, every day we’ll go Wild!


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