30 Days Wild - Day One - Setting out your plans

30 Days Wild - Day One - Setting out your plans

Matthew Roberts

Making poetic plans for 30 Days Wild...

My Plan for 30 Days Wild

Day one take a photo of something that’s wild,
Day two country walk (if the weather stays mild)
Three look under logs for some woodlice or slugs,
Four put flowers in hair (without taking drugs!)
Five party outdoors with much food and drink,
Six sit in a wood to meditate (think)
Seven help little birds, by locking up cats,
Eight go night punting whilst looking for bats!
Nine wade wild water right up to my knees
Ten find wild flowers and count all the bees.
Eleven watch webcam, that shows me a nest,
Twelve hug a tree (the one I like best)
Thirteen fill up feeders to help wild birds,
Fourteen look in meadows for fresh badger turds!
Fifteen go bat punting (becoming a habit!)
Sixteen get up early to search for a rabbit.
Seventeen find a nest constructed by ants,
Eighteen wild swim in my fancy new pants!
Nineteen find a hole that belongs to a fox
Twenty find fossils in old limestone rocks.
Twenty one find a pond that’s home to a newt,
Twenty two look for dormice, incredibly cute!
Twenty three I’ll play music whilst under the stars,
Twenty four I’ll get quiet, a long way from cars.
Twenty five we’ll go walking and looking for tracks,
Twenty six look for snails with their homes on their backs.
Twenty seven pond dipping so back to the water
Twenty eight go bird watching with my little daughter
Twenty nine one last plan hasn’t come to my brain,
So when thirty comes I might just start again!

John Bitumen

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