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Sponsor a Hedgehog: £15

Tom Marshall 

Hedgehogs are declining as fast as the tiger!

Sponsor a hedgehog with the Trust and help us protect our prickly friends. Your donation could help us restore habitats for hedgehogs and other wildlife on our nature reserves, or help us raise awareness of urban wildlife in local communities. We also run a hedgerow restoration project and record hedgehog sightings.

Sponsor A Hedgehog Certificate and Fact Sheet

Sponsor A Hedgehog Certificate and Fact Sheet

What's in the pack?

A sponsorship certificate 
A hedgehog factsheet with tips on how you can help hedgehogs

*Please note the certificates are not personalised

Sponsor a Hedgehog

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It is just £15 to sponsor a hedgehog and you will be able to download your sponsorship pack immediately after completing the details below, making this a great gift which can be emailed the same day or printed and put in the post to delight a loved one.

Sponsor a Hedgehog

Support the restoration of vital habitat

Other Ways to Support Us

There are more ways you can help support hedgehogs and your local Wildlife Trust.