Upgrade at Old Sulehay

Upgrade at Old Sulehay

Old Sulehay Stone Pit

Improvements at Old Sulehay have been made possible by two generous grants - and the work nearing completion

Infrastructure works at Old Sulehay, Northamptonshire have been made possible by generous contributions from the Mick George Community Fund, £20,510, and the Northwick Trust, £20,000 - many thanks to both. 

The beautiful Old Sulehay nature reserve comprises mixed habitat in four distinct areas – one part a fragment of the ancient Rockingham Forest, the other areas showing the remnants of quarrying works - Stonepit Close was a source of limestone, Ring Haw also was quarried for limestone plus ironstone and silica clay, and in places remains of the quarry railway track beds and sidings can still be seen. 

The completed work includes a much needed new trough and water supply for the cattle and rare breed sheep which graze the reserve - to help maintain the varied habitat structure most of the grassland is grazed to retain low soil fertility. At the Ring Haw car park a gate and fencing have been added, a gate on the footpath at the bridge, fencing along the path towards Nassington, plus much maintenance work including scrub removal have been achieved.