£1.66 million for Bedfordshire's Greensand Country

Cooper's Hill by Gwen Hitchcock

We have joined local organisations to create Bedfordshire's Greensand Country Partnership, which has received £1.66m from the Heritage Lottery Fund to reconnect people with this wonderful landscape

The dramatic and picturesque Greensand Ridge runs through the centre of Bedfordshire - in its hills are some of the last remnants of ancient heathland in the region, while the nearby Flit Valley has wetland habitats rich in wildlife.

The Greensand Country Partnership has been successful in its bid for £1.66 million from the Heritage Lottery Fund. This has been awarded to help preserve the character of the Greensand Country landscape in and around Bedfordshire. In addition to this there has been an incredible commitment from partners, local authorities and other donors in the area, which has meant that the partnership has been able to gather a further £1.4 million as match funding. In total that's an investment of £3.1 million in the area.

This will support an array of exciting projects which will help raise awareness of the hidden heritage of the Greensand Country and to reverse the gradual decline in the distinct character of this beautiful and loved landscape.

The Greensand Country Partnership will work with partner organisations to improve existing sites, and to improve public access to the Greensand Country by a network of new trails and self-guided walks.

"This was a great opportunity for the Wildlife Trust to be involved in because of all the potential work that we could accomplish. Much of the work we wanted to do here was aspirational - restoration projects, big capital improvement projects, which were not possible without the funding and support from the Greensand Country Landscape Partnership project," said Laura Downton, Living Landscape Manager, Wildlife Trust BCN.

42 projects will benefit from funding from the project, including work at Flitwick Moor Nature Reserve, a Site of Special Scientific Interest and a key wetland habitat in the Flit Valley. 


Learn about our Living Landscape vision for the Greensand Country and the nature reserves within it.

Find out more about the Greensand Country Partnership on their website.