Boardwalk bonus at Flitwick

Boardwalk bonus at Flitwick

Flitwick boardwalk Aidan Matthews

Improvements to infrastructure at Flitwick Moor, Bedfordshire have been made possible thanks to various grants

A new stretch of boardwalk has been installed at Flitwick Moor, Beds, made possible thanks to generous grant funding totalling £55,500 from a variety of sources: Veolia Environmental Trust,  The Wixamtree Trust, BL Robinson along with support from partners at Central Beds Council.

Making a significant improvement this new 250m stretch has created an all season route over the moor, joining the car park with the meadows and linking up with existing structures at the heart of the moor.

This beautiful, primeval site has a wide range of habitats for wildlife - running streams fed by acidic aquifers, the River Flit flowing from its chalk sources along the foot of the Chilterns, sunken and saturated ground of the former peat extraction areas slowly being colonised by trees and plants, open wet marsh and reed bed, grazed meadows and stands of mature trees including oak, silver birch and alder. A Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI), the Trust owns and manages the site balancing the management of this threatened habitat with the safe and enjoyable access by local residents.

In recent years there has been a substantial increase in numbers of people using the site leading to extra pressure on the footpath network and coupled with wet, mild winters has led to a delta of routes forming as visitors try to avoid the muddy spots and standing water.

Aidan Matthews, Bedfordshire Senior Reserves Manager says: "The true test will come with the onset of wetter ground conditions - the materials used will ensure the long life of the boardwalk: recycled plastic sleepers will provide a solid base for many years to come and the support timbers have been enhanced to limit rotting and weakness. The top surface boards are of an increased depth and have a grip strip to provide safe footing and security for all users. Additionally the boardwalk has ramps at each end to accommodate users with buggies and wheelchairs. Whilst it's not feasible to access all of the site, we have tried to make it as accessible as possible to ensure that visitors will continue to enjoy coming here for years to come."