Summer Wildflowers

Summer Wildflowers

Lianne de Mello

As May turns into June summer wildflowers start blooming across our nature reserves, reaching a peak towards the end of June. Traditional wildflower meadows often provide the greatest wildflower spectacles. These meadows have become rare and special places. Britain has lost 97% of its wildflower meadows since the advent of agricultural intensification.

Help save our wildflower meadows

The few remnants that survive are part of our heritage and provide the foundation for an amazingly rich ecosytem of pollinating insects, birds and mammals. Discover summer wildflowers with the Wildlife Trust BCN and help us protect these last remnants of traditional countryside.

Upwood Meadows

Upwood Meadows - Sarah Lambert


Explore this map and list of our best nature reserves for wildflowers and discover your nearest spot.

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Upwood Meadows

Upwood Meadows National Nature Reserve is a traditional meadow managed through conservation grazing and has one of the highest levels of floristic diversity in the county.

Secrets of the meadow

Wildflower meadows are beautiful remnants of our traditional countryside. But what exactly is a meadow, why are they special, how old are they and when should they be cut? In this special article we uncover the secrets of the meadow.

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