WILDside Spring 2019 Update

Ryan Clark, WILDside Project Coordinator, gives us an update on this exciting project
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We are rapidly approaching the end of the WILDside Project now and are focussing on leaving a lasting legacy for biological recording in Northamptonshire. Biological records are essential in order for us to know where species are and to track how species are doing. Every record helps to feed into a nature recovery network.

Recorders Conference

In autumn we will have our first Northamptonshire Records Conference. This will be a great opportunity to showcase biological recording in the county whilst celebrating the project. There will be talks and displays from recorders, recording schemes and national experts. There will, of course, also be cake! Make sure you sign up to WILDside updates in order to be the first to hear about this event.

Bee-flies are Back!

Spring will soon be kicking off in earnest and we will be continuing our bee fly survey for another year to map the spread of these lovely insects! If you have seen a bee-fly in Northamptonshire, please submit the record on our website! Thanks to everyone that submitted records of this species last year, you can see on the map above the difference this made to the records we have for this species.

Talks at the Northamptonshire Natural History Society

So far this year we have had 2 great WILDside talks at the Northamptonshire Natural History Society. All of these talks take place at the Northamptonshire Natural History Society building in the centre of Northampton.  These talks are free to attend and everyone is welcome. They start at 7:30pm and no booking is required. We have 4 more coming up in the next few months, they are:

  • Tuesday 26th March - The Wonderful World of Bumblebees
  • Thursday 11th April - Bats in Northamptonshire and Beyond
  • Tuesday 14th May - Flies: The Good, The Bad and The Ugly?
  • Tuesday 25th June - Farming for the Future and Marvellous Meadows

Please see the Northamptonshire Natural History website for more information and location details.

WILDside Project Legacy

As we are now in the last 10 months of the project, we are looking to gather as much feedback about the project and what it has achieved. We would also like to know what you think could have been done differently or you would like to see in the future. Without volunteer biological recorders NBRC would not exist. We would love your feedback so we can continue to develop biological recording support into the future. Please email me with any feedback you may have, we will shortly be releasing a survey for more structured feedback.

Join in!

Our Facebook Group now has over 170 members and is a great community of people interested in recording Northamptonshire’s wildlife. There you can get help with identification along with keeping up to date with events and see what other people in the county are seeing! You can also keep up to date with the project by emailing me and asking to be added to the mailing list. This project is all about supporting recorders in the county, so if there is any way we can support you or you have any questions, please drop us an email at WILDside@northantsbrc.org.uk

NNHS Talks