Biological Recording Week: Day 3 - Using iRecord

Conservation Grazer - Ryan Clark

During this week, Ryan will be introducing us to the topic of biological recording. Day 3 looks at using a website called iRecord to submit biological records.

Hi everyone,

By popular demand, today's blog post is going to look at using iRecord to submit biological records. Check out this weeks previous posts to see what biological recording is all about.

What is iRecord?

iRecord is a website hosted by the Biological Records Centre, which allows you to keep a track of your records and share them with experts that wish to use them for conservation. I will talk about what your records can be used for, later in the week. This will focus on why they are an essential component for evidence based conservation.

Wildlife from Home

During this current virus outbreak, we would also love you to use our ‘#WildlifeFromHome’ form on iRecord, this allows us to see collectively how many species we are recording from our gardens.  You can see what other people have been spotting too.

See a summary of the results so far

Searching for wildlife

The whole family can be involved in searching for wildlife.

Using iRecord

We have put together a guide which takes you through the process of creating an iRecord account and adding records to the activity, take a look below to download the instructions. Do post in the Monitoring and Research Facebook Group if you have any problems

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Download our guide to using iRecord