900 Voices for the Nene

900 Voices for the Nene

Illustration by Rachel Hudson

Add your voice for nature to this collaborative artwork about the river Nene

In the Northants wider countryside team we work with many different organisations and partners across our Nene Valley Living Landscape in order to help conserve and promote the valley's wildlife outside of our nature reserves. Over the last year we have been heavily involved with Nenescape, a Landscape Partnership Scheme supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund. Nenescape is a collaborative project will bring together partners from along the River Nene between Northampton and Peterborough to celebrate, protect and conserve the natural and built heritage of the landscape. 

One of Nenescape’s new projects is 900 Voices, delivered by the arts charity One to One Development Trust. Part of the project is to create an online archive that gathers information and resources about the River. This archive will also form the basis for a digital art installation to be launched in December 2018. The project will bring together different stories, images, music, poems and film that relates to the River Nene. This content will be gathered in many ways including via social media, contributions from Nenescape partners, through arts workshops in community settings and specific interviews on audio and film. The aim is to create a ‘snapshot’ of what the river means to people who live and work around it at this particular time in history.

Add your voice for nature

It would be great if the Nene Valley's wildlife and your experiences of it featured within the exhibition. So if you have a photo, memory or highlight head over to the 900 Voices website and add your contribution. You've got until 26 October to get involved and help us make nature feature.